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Queen Rearing Essentials

By L. Connor

“Detailed and practical manual a must have book for every beekeeper filled with astounding photographs. In this post-varroa, post-Colony Collapse Syndrome era, beekeepers everywhere are developing localized, mite resistant bee stocks. Key to this is their ability to raise queen cells and queens. Bee Culture / American Bee Journal author Dr. Larry Connor describes a very successful queen rearinf method using Starter and Finisher colonies. Connor also wrote Increased Essentials and Bee Sex Essentials. Very detailed and practical manual for raising queens on a small scale from locally selected stock. Larry offers a tested and proven method to teach backyarders how best to improve beekeeping stock for greater return and enjoyment”. – Dr. Dewey M. Caron, University of Delaware, Emeritus Professor. Queen Rearing Essentials provides today’s beekeepers with a clear, concise, and simple method to not only produce their own queens, but to actively improve their stock. Dr. Connor has distilled extensive information into a simple plan that any beekeeper can follow. Queen Rearing Essentials is a must have book for every beekeeper. – Greg Hannaford, Chairman, Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association Combines astounding photographs with vital information in one of the most comprehensive queen rearing books ever. A short, precise, and very clear book. Explains a method used by thousands of beekeepers to raise queens on any scale! – Blake Shook, President, Collin County (Texas) Hobby Beekeepers Association.

Queen Rearing Essentials

By L. Connor


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