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Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

By Luke Dixon

Managing a hive of calmly productive honey bees amid the bustle of a town or city may seem like an attractive prospect, but is it really possible? Luke Dixon shares his wealth of experience in this compelling account that describes how urban bees enjoy excellent health, help pollinate plants, produce rich and plentiful honey, and make for a rewarding hobby. Enhanced by the stories of beekeepers around the world, who describe how honey bees bring a new dimension to city living, the book also provides the practical essentials for the first year, from establishing a hive and reassuring neighbours to sourcing a nucleus, hiving a swarm, and harvesting honey. Luke Dixon is a professional beekeeper based in Soho, London. He manages hives for the London College of Fashion, Ted Baker, and Kensington Palace.

Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

By Luke Dixon


Timber Press



1st Edition