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The Bee Walk

being the Romance and Practice of Beekeeping By Amy Linsey

The destinies of man and the honey bee have been inextricably intertwined since the beginning of history; in fact, the bee has been a beneficiary of mankind from the earliest times. There is evidence of this association; an artist, living many thousands of years ago, has left us an excellent drawing on the wall of a cave showing a member of his tribe taking honey from a colony of bees. We also know that the ancient Egyptians transported their colonies of bees up and down the Nile in order to follow the flowering of the plants, and on the death of their Pharaohs they embalmed them in honey. From mediaeval times colonies of the honey bee have been kept and studied at the Abbeys, and among the interesting illustrations in this absorbing book are two of the long famous apiary at Buckfast Abbey. These photographs are, in fact, unique as this probably the first occasion on which the camera has revealed to the public in a handbook on bees a glimpse of the apiary, and of its equally famous master, Brother Adam. Mrs. Linsey has painted a vivid picture in which the romantic highlights are intermingled with aspects of practical guidance. She has managed, in a short compass, not only to give her experiences during a lifelong association with the honey bee, but also to produce a book rich in sound advice on this fascinating subject.

The Bee Walk

being the Romance and Practice of Beekeeping

By Amy Linsey


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