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Beauty and the Bees

By Dr Sara J. Robb

In ‘Beauty and the Bees’, Dr Sara J Robb explains how honey, beeswax, and propolis can be used to decrease the signs of ageing. Bee products, in particular honey, are valuable as dietary supplements, as functional foods, in home remedies and in cosmetics. Substituting some of the sugar, in your diet, with honey will significantly increase your physiological levels of antioxidants and can slow the ageing process. Honey antioxidants correlate with honey colour; the darker the colour of honey, the higher the age defying antioxidants. The colour scale below shows the colours of honey, which can be used to estimate the levels of antioxidants. If you choose a dark honey, such as heather, ivy or buckwheat, you can increase the amount of antioxidants in your diet. As well as increasing antioxidants in food, bee products have had a place through history in remedies and cosmetics. Beeswax, propolis and honey have medicinal qualities that end themselves to home remedies and cosmetics. Beauty and the Bees begins with an introduction, by nutritionist Dr Domingo J. Piñero, discussing the importance of honey as a functional food. High antioxidant honey recipes are provided, including sweet and savoury honey recipes, honey baked goods and confections. Beauty and the Bees also contains recipes for beeswax anti-ageing creams, antioxidant honey soaps and Aunt Bea’s Remedies.

Beauty and the Bees

By Dr Sara J. Robb


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1st Edition