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Essays in Beekeeping History

By Karl Showler

The foundations of modern movable comb beekeeping were laid by men and women with inquiring minds who saw that the methods then in use could be improved by careful observation of the behaviour of bees, They were seeking to escape from the limitations imposed by the traditional methods in use before movable combs were devised. In these essays Karl Showler has looked at the beekeeping methods used in Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Canada and the United States. This is an international book which attempts to transcend the limits of continental and national boundaries. Each essay stands alone but is interlinked through the knowledge then available as beekeepers sought to improve the methods and equipment then in use. Karl has not attempted to look at beekeeping after the Second World War when the use of plastics has, to some degree, altered beekeeping. The widely read author has gone back as far as possible to contemporary publications. He has not explored the methods and equipment used by ‘factory beekeeping’ or ‘honey processing’, limiting himself to the basic keeping of bees in beehives.

Essays in Beekeeping History

By Karl Showler


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