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Beeswax Molding & Candle Making

By Richard Taylor

This booklet deals exclusively with beeswax – how to melt and refine it, its special properties as a wax, how to mould it, and the various ways it can be used for candle making. I have not discussed mineral or other waxes and their uses, as there already exists a considerable amount of literature on these, nor have I discussed candle making generally. All of these ideas suggested here have grown from my own experience as a beekeeper and candle maker over the past several decades. Some of them appeared in my “Bee Talks” in Gleaning in Bee Culture, published by A. I. Root Company, Medina, Ohio, in 1972 and 1973. This booklet greatly expands upon the methods described there, however, and I have also been able to incorporate here many more pictures. I express my thanks to the editors of Gleanings for permission to reproduce some of that material here.

Beeswax Molding & Candle Making

By Richard Taylor


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1st Edition