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The Best of Bee Talk

By Richard Taylor

A collection of articles, written for Gleanings in Bee Culture over a period of nearly 20 years by a giant of American Beekeeping. The Best of Bee Talk is exactly what it says. Each entry has been taken from one of over 200 columns Richard Taylor has submitted to Gleanings in Bee Culture over nearly 20 years of writing. Some are short, at most only a few sentences. But isn’t that what the “The Best” should be? Richard, on occasion, tends to stray from the subject at hand (how-to beekeeping) and interject personal (and probably universal) thoughts, observations and feelings on subjects ranging from gardening to pickups to crickets. Surprisingly, all are related to the art of keeping bees. There are complete contributions here, too. For some, removing even a clause would be criminal, and the information, the emotion, and the grace of each work is exactly as it was originally published.

The Best of Bee Talk

By Richard Taylor


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