Ann Harman

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    The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

      Keith S. Delaplane

      James E. Tew

      Jennifer Berry

      Clarence H. Collison

      Ann Harman

      Kim Flottum

    • 42nd Edition (2020) • Over 800 pages packed with information • Hundreds of Color photos and illustrations • More than 50 Contributors • A MUST for every beekeeper large and small • A mix of reference, the how and why things are done and a history of how beekeeping got where it is today! In 1877 A. I. Root…

    Bee Hive to Beekeeper & Bee Space to Bee Hive

    A Special Offer: Pre-Publication offer of £40 for both volumes

      Andrew Gibb

      Ann Harman

    Bee Hive to Beekeeper: Bees, beekeeping organisations, authors and research. The companion to Bee Space to Bee Hive, is expected mid-September. This book covers the introduction and development of bee strains to the UK, followed by details of the oldest UK beekeeping journal, a major beekeeping equipment supplier and important beekeeping organisations. Groundbreaking research into mating, parthenogenesis, bee behaviour, pheromones…

    Bee Space to Bee Hive

    Hives, beekeeping equipment and beekeeping methods

      Andrew Gibb

      Ann Harman

    "This book provides a fascinating insight into how beehives, beekeeping equipment and beekeeping methods have developed over the centuries. Lengthy observation enabled the discovery of the importance of bee space by Revd LL Langstroth, and after this discovery the ingenuity of many beekeepers has solved numerous problems associated with colony management. The evolution of ideas and creations by many well…