Hives and Honeybees in Signs and Symbols

An interesting insight into the illustrative importance of bee symbols throughout the world.

“It is almost with some reverence that we acknowledge the value to man over the years of the honeybee. This value cannot be over-estimated, nor can we fail to be fascinated by the community life of the honeybee. Down the years many myths and superstitions, from many cultures, have developed around the honeybee, which have led her to be regarded by some cultures as a symbol of the soul of man. Coupled with these myths and superstitions are the examples of the honeybee’s skills and industriousness leading to her being rightly regarded as a model to appreciate. Thus many tangible signs, symbols, and motifs have developed which incorporate hives and honeybees and my review showing a selection of some of them also aims to give some relative information.

From time to time familiar signs and symbols become lost or are changed; examples of this quite frequently occur with Beehive inn signs. I have been greatly assisted by many organisations and friends who have been keenly interested and very willing to give help, without which I could not have completed the review, and I am very grateful to them.”

Frank Alston

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