Virology and the Honey Bee

The BRAVE project (Bee Research And Virology in Europe) was selected from the call for proposals FP6-2003-SSP31 where one of the objectives was the assessment of the level of risk and the likely consequences for bees and other closely related pollinators of the introduction of bee viruses to Europe. BRAVE was aimed at knowledge transfer between experts with a broad base of skills in insect virology, diagnosis, immunology, epidemiology, international trade and risk management, along with scientists involved in fundamental and applied research on bees and related pollinator species. More than 60 world experts exchanged their knowledge during a preliminary meeting in Sophia-Antipolis (France) in April 2005. Following this first meeĀ­ting, a smaller panel of experts gathered in Tourtour (Les Treilles Foundation – France) in September 2005 and produced this book which, in addition to being an overview of current virology status of the honey bee, also proposes a framework for future research programmes on virology and the honey bee.

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