Bee Wisdom

Teachings from the hive

The bee recalls us to our Soul. One wing in the wild world and one in the domestic, she offers herself as a creator of relationships, a guide, and a teacher of the complex and intriguing mysteries of the Universe. The bee is a companion, a counsellor, an ally. She unites the personal and the universal.

Born from a beekeeping mother in Brittany, France, Sandira Belia has been swimming in beesong since infancy. She pursued an education in environmental studies and heritage conservation in France and Quebec and, for many years, she worked for a variety of environmental education centres as a teacher, facilitator, and director.

She is the co-founder of BeeWisdom, an international network that links people and projects which work with bees in a collaborative rather than exploitative manner. Today she lives in Portugal, where she offers shamanic training about methods of exploring Nature and the deeper Self.

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