Beekeepers’ Guide for Pollen Identification of Honey

This is a practical book written in a simple manner to make it understandable for beekeepers while still maintaining the principles and rules of pollen identification in honey. It also contains valuable information for expert melissopalynologists. It is designed after an intensive work in field observation of bee foraging, preparation & photographing pollen of the observed flora, searching in hundreds of publications & references from many countries around the world about their bee forage plants and pollen spectrum of their honeys as well as examining several honey samples from different regions around the world.

This book is to satisfy the growing interest among beekeepers in learning how to identify the plant sources of their honey. The increasing number of urban beekeepers who practice beekeeping as a hobby also enhance the interests of learning pollen identification of honey.

The chapters in this book are organised to smoothly graduate a beginner in this science from the easiest level to the advanced level with a coloured explanation of pictures. This will enhance understanding of the description of the apparatus and the procedures of pollen identification in honey.

The book contains coloured pollen pictures of 494 plant species organised in a way that facilitates matching them with the examined pollen in honey. Beside each pollen picture there is a picture of the flower source of this pollen and a map that shows the approximate plant distribution around the world.

Finally, this work is a participation from a man with a goal that should be common to all humanity generations, which is the protection of nature.

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