Beekeeping in Tropical Africa

Small-scale beekeeping is an attractive cash crop option for resource-poor farmers in the tropics. It demands little in the way of time, finances or natural resources, and the honey and beeswax harvested can be processed in the home and sold locally. At the same time, pollination by honeybees will increase the yields of many staple food crops.

This book, through its clear explanatory text and admirable illustrations, skilfully lays out the elements of good practice in tropical beekeeping. It explains both traditional techniques using low-cost hives and more advanced. methods, pointing out the most appropriate system for the level of investment the beekeeper wishes to make. The author has a wealth of knowledge, developed cnrough years of thoughtful observation and practical experience working with beekeepers all over Africa and with his own hives in Kenya. Existing beekeepers wishing to improve their techniques and those looking to start a new beekeeping enterprise will find the book invaluable.

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