Beeswax Crafting

With Craft Contributions by Margo Barraclough, Michael Bossom & Elizabeth Duffin

Beeswax is Nature’s wax. Humans have found countless ways to use beeswax – from candles to cosmetics, from batik to encaustic painting. Here is a book for both the beekeeper and the craftsperson. Learn how to process and use beeswax for your personal use, or for sale.

Dr. Robert Berthold Jr, is well-known for his range of experience with beeswax, especially in candle making and unusual uses of wax. He is joined by batik artist Margo Barraclough, encaustic painter Michael Bossom, and wax-flower maker Elizabeth Duffin, who together provide a rich source of information for the artist or anyone who wants to learn how to use beeswax!

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