Biodynamic Beekeeping

A sustainable way to keep happy, healthy bees

“I commend this book to not only experienced beekeepers who would like to transition to a more bee-friendly approach, but also beginners who, while having access in some form to instruction about basic beekeeping, do not want to be steered into the conventional, mechanistic apiculture that new generations of beekeepers are increasingly finding unsatisfactory.”
David Heaf – Author of The Bee-friendly Beekeeper & Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive

Many beekeepers today, faced with an alarming decline in the bee population, are looking for a more sustainable way to care for their hives. Biodynamic methods, which consider the influence of the stars and planets on bee activity and habitats, offer an approach which helps foster happier and healthier bees.

In this fascinating book, biodynamic beekeeping expert Matthias Thun shares advice and knowledge gained from more than 50 years’ experience of keeping bees, including:

• Which days are better for inspecting colonies and which days for gathering honey
• The challenges and advantages of breeding queen bees
• How to artificially induce swarming to propagate colonies
• How to use biodynamic ashing techniques to combat varroa mites
• Instructions for making winter feeds according to current biodynamic thinking

Ideal for both experienced beekeepers seeking to convert to biodynamic methods and current biodynamic beekeepers, this readable book offers a unique and personal insight into the theory and practice of biodynamic beekeeping.

Matthias Thun (1948-2020): The son of biodynamic pioneer Maria Thun, was an international expert on biodynamic beekeeping with over 50 years’ experience.

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