Colony Increase

The Roger Patterson Method

This book includes several methods of colony increase that can be used individually or in one complete method as described. All elements, although they may not be part of mainstream teaching, have been consistently successful for the author for well over 40 years, using standard equipment.

The “Roger Patterson Method”, if used as described, can produce a tenfold increase in the number of colonies per year in favourable conditions. This is an excellent method for sustainably producing bees to supply new beekeepers and for providing an income stream for commercial beekeepers. Several queens can also be mated in the nucs during the summer, so adding value. Producing bees and queens locally avoids the use of imports that are a concern to many beekeepers, owing to disease risks and genetic disruption of the local bee population.

The author, Roger Patterson, is a well-respected practical beekeeper. He has condensed over 50 years of beekeeping and colony increase experience into this small book for others to copy and/or adapt.

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