Standard Methods for Apis mellifera Hive Product Research

Standard methods for Apis mellifera product research contains papers on royal jelly, beeswax, propolis and brood as human food, honey, venom and pollen. These seven papers have been written by 125 authors from 23 countries. Like the previous volumes, papers in Volume Ill are organized according to research topics. The authors have compiled the most relevant methods for both laboratory and field research in each domain of research. We recognize that it is often necessary to use methods from several domains of research to complete a given experiment with honey bees. Whenever there is a need for such a multi-disciplinary approach, the manual describes the specific instructions necessary for a given method, and cross-references the other relevant methods from other sections of the BEEBOOK. The BEEBOOK is a tool for all who want to do research on honey bees. It was written in such a way that those new to honey bee research can use it to start research in a field with which they may not be familiar. Of course, such an endeavor is often limited by the availability of state-of-the-art and expensive equipment. However, provided access to and training on the necessary equipment are secured, the instructions provided in the BEEBOOK can be followed by everyone, from undergraduate student to experienced researcher.

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