The Honey Bee Inside Out

This third edition has been completely revised and updated.

This book is designed to present detailed information about the anatomy and physiology of the honey bee in a clear and concise format of the eight chapters covers an aspect of bee biology a d all are copiously illustrated. The author has drawn most of the diagrams from her own dissections, giving a realistic rather than idealistic impression of the parts involved.

The sections are:

• External bodywork
• Internal workings
• Control systems
• Breeding
• Growing up
• Keeping it all together
• Colony reproduction
• Inside and outside influences

An appendix describes how to undertake your own dissections and the equipment required. Also included are a second appendix giving the background to scientific terminology, a wide-ranging glossary including phonetic spellings and suggestions for further reading.

This is a book that will inform anybody who is interested in this fascinating insect. It is based on the examination modules set by the British Beekeepers’ Association, but this text will prove interesting for anyone wanting to know more about our honey bees.

The Author

Celia’s interest in insects began when she was a child and continued through university, where she obtained a degree in Agriculture. She then followed a career in teaching and lecturing in pure and applied biology. Much later, influenced by a husband who is a keen photographer, came the desire to study and photograph the insect world in greater depth and, in 1980, she acquired her first hive of bees. This event proved to be life-changing as the honey bee became something of an obsession.

Celia obtained her National Diploma in Beekeeping in 1994 and has been involved in her County and local Association in many capacities, as well as serving a six-year term on the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) Examinations Board. She is closely involved in teaching beekeeping, is a tutor for the BBKA Correspondence Course and examines at all levels. She wrote regular articles for Bee Craft for I 0 years and her first book was published in 2004, followed by the second in 2007. Both of these volumes have now been updated. She is in demand from a wide range of groups to speak on bees, other insects and environmental matter both in the UK and further afield.

Celia and her husband, Cyril, live in rural Warwickshire in the village of Weston under Wetherley and, as well as gardening and beekeeping, they enjoy visiting other gardens and local nature reserves and bird-watching.

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