Having Healthy Honeybees

The Beekeeping & science (2nd Edition)


There has been a change in the beekeeping environment since the first edition in 2012. Today there is a heightened concern about global warming, the natural environment, biodiversity and the need to be guided by science. Among beekeepers there is a greater awareness of these issues with a shift towards sustainable beekeeping; locally-adapted colonies, reduced use of chemicals and concern for pollinators and forage. These concerns are reflected in this second edition. The increased engagement of beekeepers and the questioning of otherwise accepted practices has prompted the title of this edition, Having Healthy Honeybees – the beekeeping & science. This edition both updates the first and extends its scope.

• Aim is to help beekeepers establish healthy colonies.

• Emphasis on proper set-up and keeping it simple.

• Diseases are dealt with in a concise format.

• New chapters, The Bees & Sustainable Colonies and Forage & Honey.

• There are over 220 references many on open access.

John McMullan keeps honeybee colonies in North County Dublin and has an out-apiary in County Galway. He was Honorary Secretary of his local beekeeping Association for twenty five years and has been in contact with many members’ colonies over the years. He is an engineer by profession and in 2007 received a doctorate in Zoology (parasitology) from Trinity College Dublin. His particular interest is in the parasites of the honeybee, mainly parasitic mites, and has authored several scientific papers.

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