Taylorʼs of Welwyn

Thomas Bates Blow was from a working class background and leading a life with little direction until he was befriended by a member of a leading British family: with his patronage and much hard work, Thomas laid the foundation of what was to become the largest business in Europe supplying the requirements of beekeepers.

This volume charts the history of Taylors of Welwyn, from its birth through the challenging changes and large expansion in the last two decades of the nineteenth century through to the company being put into liquidation after more than a century of trading. From zero to zero in three acts, with three leading men, changing scenery and a large supporting cast involving conflict, changes of ownership, fires, World wars, no inflation, high inflation, but mostly about bees, beekeeping and beekeepers and the vagaries that come with that fascinating mix.

The Author

Bob Hawker is a retired Professional Engineer. Following graduation, training and employment in the Electrical Supply Industry, he moved over to the academic world where in addition to normal lecturing duties he acted in Consultancy roles, organised and talked at Conferences and appeared as Expert Witness in criminal and civil legal proceedings.

Bob is married with two children and for the last thirty-eight years he has tended between four and twenty four colonies of honey-bees in his large garden, most years in late summer taking them to the nearby Northumberland moors. Researching and writing beekeeping history is his way of attempting to remain sane in the dark winter days.

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