Honey Farming

‘Honey farming is a grand job for those who love bees and are interested in producing something from the land; who are hard workers and able to enjoy country life in all weathers. I have been at it for a long while, and my one regret is that I did not start with bee farming when I was twenty instead of going in for general agriculture and stock raising until I was forty; but every friend and relative I had was dead against it. It was regarded as mere idiocy to think of getting a living from beekeeping; so I wasted twenty years with bees as a sideline to which I could not devote my entire energies. I know now that if I had defied everyone and taken the bull by the horns, I should be much better off to-day than I am. However, I am not complaining: I have not done too badly as it is. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last twenty years during which I have depended entirely for my livelihood on one business only – Honey Farming.’ R.O.B. Manley

One of the great bee books of the last century! It is written from experience of keeping large numbers of stocks over many many years. He gives the reader an insight to the craft – like no other.

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