American Bee Books. An Annotated Bibliography of Books on Bees and Beekeeping 1492-2010

This annotated bibliography of American books on bees and beekeeping is the first of its kind. Interest in bees and beekeeping continues to grow in the world. Approximately 3,750 entries are recorded, through which can be traced not only the growth of bee science and beekeeping methods, but also the history of bee­keeping in America.

The task of locating and examining these .. books, recording these bibliographic entries, and preparing an­notations has taken twenty years. The goal of the bib­liography is to provide the holder of a bee book a way to know which book he or she has in his or her hands, and to further identify the seminal works.

The Appendices provide a valuable research tool: each book is identified as falling into one or more of forty-five categories. Categories include, for example, Are Honey Bees Native to America, Women in Bee­keeping, and Honey Production. This bibliography will be of great use to librarians, book collectors and book­sellers, as well as beekeepers and those interested in agricultural history and innovation.

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