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Issue No. 19 (2021)

Inside this issue:

• An investigation into the life and death of a wild honey bee colony, Daniel du Gard, England
• Learning from mistakes, Jacqueline Freeman, USA
• An octagonal hive for permaculture gardens, Céline Locqueville, France
• Feral honey bees in Baja, California, Rosa Maria Licon Luna, France
• Why not start sustainable beekeeping by recycling your old Langstroth hives? John Phipps, Greece
• Flat wax, John Phipps, Greece
• Bait hives and sustainable hives, a variation on a theme, Robin Pigot, Germany
• Preparing bar frame hives for swarms, British Bee Journal, April, 1875
• Wild colony in a tree update, John Bridle, Wales
• Book Review: Treatment Free Beekeeping by David Heaf, Paul Honigman and J. Haverson

This magazine will be of special interest to beekeepers who have for many reasons moved away from keeping their colonies in conventional ways, or who prefer their bees to be kept in hives more suited to the bees’ needs rather than for the beekeeper’s ease of management.

Such beekeepers allow the bees to live their lives with minimal interference. The bees build comb freely and swarm and reproduce with queens raised naturally rather than being propagated by the beekeeper via emergency queens.

Natural beekeepers also refrain from using chemicals for the control of pests and diseases and strive to create an environment in their apiaries and gardens which will give the bees at least some year-round forage.

Husbandry is the name of all the practices that sustain life by connecting us conservingly to our places and our world; it is the art of keeping tied all the strands in the living network that sustains us.

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