Honey Heist Stories, Book 1

Newbee, and the Beekeepers' Honey Heist

It is early spring. The river is flowing fast. A new bee awakes in the safety of the bee-hive but outside Planet Earth is in a mess. The climate is changing, and not in a good way. This morning, the sun is shining down on the beehives but the Queen fears rain later. The foragers must bring in pollen and nectar or they will all go hungry.

Newbee can’t fly yet. She has a number of apprenticeships to do first. She meets Old Belinda, the go-to girl for cleaning who is very kind but won’t answer Newbee’s questions about the drones. Newbee is fast-tracked through the jobs and arrives at her new assignment – Cake decorating for the Queen!

Hurriedly, Newbee gets a flying lesson and takes part in the defence of their realm when the Beekeepers break into the bee-hive. The honey heist is on!

Replacement hangers are soon filled with new cells for storage and the honey flows once again.

At the Naming Ceremony, Newbee is given her new name. Find out if she is destined to become a forager.

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