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    The Honey Handbook

      Kim Flottum

    A handbook of honey which acts as a guide to creating, harvesting and cooking with natural honeys, written by the editor of the leading American bee Magazine - Bee Culture. It abounds with hive hints and honey-harvesting tutorials, all delivered with the sound, practical, and common sense perspective of a seasoned expert. For those who have already bought the Complete…

    Beekeeping for Dummies

      Kim Flottum

    A second edition of a very popular American title in the Dummies series. It is a useful start up volume and its design makes it easy to locate the areas of knowledge needed. Chapters are arranged in an easy and clearly understood way.


      Rose-Lynn Fisher

    This is a remarkable and beautifully produced book containing detailed black and white photographs of the external anatomy of the honeybee by Rose-Lynn Fisher, using a scanning electron microscope. As a book of excellent photos it stands on its own and will thrill the owner with its intricate views of insect structure, which cannot be seen with either the naked…

    Jack the Lad - A Yorkshire Lad - Early Years, An Autobiography

      Jack Fieldhouse

    Jack Fieldhouse, known to me as "Uncle Jack': although he is my first cousin once removed, is a remarkable man who has lived a remarkable and very long life. His autobiography describes not only his wartime experiences, but also his love of art and of Nature. Jack's philosophy, of trying to live a life that works with, rather than against,…

    Artist and Beekeeper

      Jack Fieldhouse

    A life history together with a collection of drawings and poems by a 93 year old Somerset Artist which ranges from snapshots of beekeeping life to the very best of the Glastonbury Festival as well as drawings of life in Scotland. This book - while not helping you to a larger honey harvest will give you many happy and enjoyable…

    Honey Days

      Oliver Field

    A sparkling account of commercial beekeeper's year in all its changing moods. This is a book to saviour and to learn from and compliments this author's previous best selling title "Honey by the ton."

    Field Notes on Queen Rearing

      Oliver Field

    This is an updated edition of the talk given by Oliver Field to the Scottish Beekeepers Association in 1998. This new version includes colour pictures, a bee breeding chart and a chapter on, 'Current Reflections" Oliver Field is a present day giant of Bee Farming, having acted as such for over thirty years. His other books include Honey By the…

    Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain

      Steven Falk

    This extensively illustrated volume is a guide to the 270 species of bees in Britain. It will certainly establish itself as the key volume in this area of interest. The volume will allow readers to identify all of the bees in Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands. It provides the latest information on ecology, status and distribution and furnishes colour…

    The Complete Guide to Beekeeping

      Jeremy Evans

    A comprehensive guide to bees and beekeeping, starting with the novice and ending with the semi-expert! It tells you all you need to know about taking up beekeeping on a small scale. Starting Beekeeping When and where; hives and beekeeping equipment; buying secondhand; understanding honeybees. Siting Your Bees Selecting a site; hiving your bees; feeding your bees; looking through the…

    Spoonfuls of Honey

      Hattie Ellis

    Just as honey bees are found all over the world so are recipes that use their honey. Caribbean jerk, Spanish chicken, French sauces, British biscuits and Turkish cakes all gleam with the sweet stuff. It can take just a spoonful or two of honey to bring its deep flavour to a dish. As a marinade it can enhance meat and…

    Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain & Ireland

      Mike Edwards

      Martin Jenner

    A simple-to-use identification guide for garden bumblebees with notes to this and some of the similar species. More accurate colour identification icons on the species spreads. Updated distribution maps with the very latest data. Species Icons Quick Guide (featured at the back of the book and the latest addition).

    The Ambrose Colouring Annual

      Malcolm Eaton

    The artist is a beekeeper and an art master on the West Midlands. His ideas for Ambrose come to him as he thinks about his own bees and the particular time of year. For nearly two years an Ambrose cartoon has appeared in the British Bee Journal crammed with the greatest detail and the thought has occurred that gathered together…

    The Wild Garden and the Honey Bee

      Michael Duncan

    Michael Duncan, a beekeepers for over 60 years has written a quite exceptional and unique text, published as a volume with both illustrations and text in his own free flowing hand. Starting the craft in Birmingham in 1947 he has since 1982 kept bees in North Devon. His concern for our world is clearly stated in his words. We live…

    Making Beeswax Flowers

      Elizabeth Duffin

    This title details the making and decorating of flat sheets of wax for petals and leaves; of roses, crocuses, and other wax foundation flowers. "I have been making wax flowers for a long time and I must say that I have really enjoyed it. I hope you will too". Elizabeth Duffin

    Practical Queen Rearing

      Charles Dublon

      Pauline Dublon

    Charles Dublon is Principality Beekeeping Advisor for Wales, based at The Welsh Beekeeping Centre, College Howell Harris, Brecon, Powys. He has a masters degree in sugar technology, and is a Chartered Biologist. He is also a member of the Apicultural Education Association. Pauline Dublon, his wife, is a beekeeper in her own right. They have kept bees both as a…

    Collecting Honey Pots

      John Doyle

    A short introduction to this interesting hobby by the founder of The European Honey Pot Collectors Society. If you have an interest in the subject or are considering it, purchase of this booklet could be an investment.​​John Doyle is the founder of The European Honey Pot Collectors Society and this book encourages you to start collecting.

    Scientific Queen Rearing

      Gilbert M. Doolittle

    Scientific Queen Rearing is one of the classic American titles in this area of beekeeping. This facsimile reprint of the 3rd edition of 1901 at a 110% scale allows easier reading. There is much advice in this volume, although written over 100 years ago, which is relevant to the Queen rearers of today.

    The Healing Bee

      Roch Domerego

    It has always been a well-known fact that products from the beehive are good for human health. However, recent scientific research has proved that various substances produced by honeybees, as well as innumerable possible combinations with plant material, possess real medical properties. Ten years after its first publication, this book has become a work of reference in its field. Translated…

    I Love My Bees

      Fiona Van Dokkum

    A delightful account of the trials and tribulations of a new beekeeper in South West Ireland. Written with passion and enthusiasm, this ranks A delightful account of the trials and tribulations of a new beekeeper in South West Ireland. Ranks with Richard Taylor and Harold Lund in accounts of ‘bee fever’.

    Beemasters of the Past

      Victor Dodd

    Victor Dodd highlights some of the men and women who have contributed to the craft over the years. His book makes many of the names of the past come alive as real persons. A reprint of the 1983 edition.

    Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

      Luke Dixon

    Managing a hive of calmly productive honey bees amid the bustle of a town or city may seem like an attractive prospect, but is it really possible? Luke Dixon shares his wealth of experience in this compelling account that describes how urban bees enjoy excellent health, help pollinate plants, produce rich and plentiful honey, and make for a rewarding hobby.…

    Bees and Honey. Myth, Folklore and Traditions

      Luke Dixon

    This book takes us from the beginning of time to the present day to show the ways in which bees and beekeeping, honey and wax, are part of the culture, mythology, theology and folklore of every people in the world. Luke Dixon is a beekeeper during the summer and a theatre director during the winter. He is the resident beekeeper…

    A Time There Was

      Luke Dixon

    This is a tale, punctuated with short myth-like stories, which describes a honey-hunting episode in darkest Africa at the dawn of civilisation. The prose is magnificent, the stories delightful, a book to take you far, far away from the despoiled world in which we live today.

    Beekeeping: A Primer

      Dominique Devito

    Discover the wonders of beekeeping, from establishing a hive to caring for bees, from harvesting the honey and wax to using it in marvellous recipes for food and handmade beauty products.​​Beekeeping by Dominique Devito - A primer on starting and keeping a hive, an American title gives sound advice for the beginner. It has a particularly interesting chapter on cooking…

    From A to Bee

      James Dearsley

    This account by James Dearsley (who calls himself The Surrey Beekeeper) is a charming, amusing and informative diary (to non beekeepers) of a novice beekeeper - who also happens to be a novice dad as well. He has so much to learn.

    Practical Beekeeping

      Clive De Bruyn

    Practical Beekeeping is a comprehensive guide to the bee and its management, by an internationally recognised authority on the subject. Topics covered in the book include: the bee and its environment, hives and other equipment, colony management and dealing with the crop. Profusely illustrated with photographs and specially commissioned line illustrations, this book will be an invaluable addition to the…

    The British Beekeepers' Association Guide to Beekeeping

      Ivor Davis

      Roger Cullum-Kenyon

    If you are just starting to keep bees, or simply want to find out about bees and beekeeping, this authoritative guide provides a complete introduction to starting out as a beekeeper. The book introduces the reader to all areas of beekeeping including the workings of the colony, the structure of a hive, how to acquire bees and keep them healthy…


      Andrew Davies

    Whether you have acres of land in the countryside of a tiny suburban garden you can start raising your own honeybees and be spreading homemade honey on toast within the year. In this practical guide Andrew Davies introduces you to the fascinating and busy world of bees. He covers: How to become a beekeeper, Hives and equipment, Common problems, Collecting…

    New Beekeeping in a Long Deep Hive

      Robin Dartington

    In this work, the author explains his own use of a particular pattern of long hives which he has made to his own design, but which is derived from standard lines. The hives have been in use for ten years, which some bee keepers will say is not long enough to prove its efficiency. However, many different systems have been…

    Anatomy & Dissection of the Honeybee

      Harry Arthur Dade

    This is a clear and practical guide to both the anatomy and dissection of the honeybee and is written in a style which makes the subject understandable by those without formal training in zoology or entomology. It is a classic of the beekeeping world.

    Top-Bar Beekeeping

      Les Crowder

      Heather Harrell

    'This is an excellent guide for hobby beekeepers who wish to keep bees using top-bar hives. Drawing on his more than thirty years of beekeeping experience in New Mexico, author Les Crowder describes in detail the special comb-management techniques that this low-cost, but relatively intense, form of beekeeping requires. Top- Bar Beekeeping also provides an eloquent appeal for beekeepers to…

    Profitable Beekeeping

      L.R. Croft

    A basic text which suggests that money can be made from the craft. "Dr Croft is a beekeeper with an apiary in Greater Manchester. He is also a university lecturer engaged on research on the honey bee. Recently, he has led the campaign against the misrepresentation of British honey, and is well known as a lecturer on this subject throughout…

    Directory of Important World Honey Sources

      Eva Crane

    This book contains a vast quantity of precious data about plants and bees and it is marvellous to see it in print again and available to new generations. Best of all would be if people selecting trees become aware of this useful information and consult it to inform their choice: nowadays we need whenever possible to choose species and cultivars…

    The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

      Eva Crane

    First published in 1999, this 2011 reprint edition brings this title to many beekeepers who were unable to obtain the earlier edition. The World History is the first book to explore in detail man's use of bees from prehistoric times to the present day. It is a seminal work and will remain so as long as books are read. ​​Eva…

    Beekeeping, A Beginner's Guide

      David Cramp

    This book will tell you how to start keeping bees in any location, whether urban or rural. It covers everything you need to know in an accessible and clear manner, from choice of hive and health of bees: right through the bee year to harvesting and storing your own honey. David Cramp a contributor to The Beekeepers Quarterly is widely…