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    The Feminine Monarchie

    The History of Bees. Translation by Rev Owen in modern english of the original 1623 Butler

      Charles Butler

    The Feminine Monarchie is an early and remarkable work of English natural history, first published in 1609, and written by a scholarly country parson of wide ranging interests. Like the later Gilbert White of Selborne, a distant relation, Charles Butler had a deep curiosity about the natural world and recorded his discoveries methodically, in keeping with the growing scientific mood…

    The Feminine Monarchie. Facsimile of 1623

      Charles Butler

    A hard back facsimile of Butler 1623. Charles Butler (1560-1647), sometimes called the Father of English Beekeeping, was a logician, grammarist, author, minister (Vicar of Wootton St Lawrence, near Basingstoke, England), and an influential beekeeper. He was also an early proponent of English spelling reform. He observed that bees produce wax combs from scales of wax produced in their own…

    Honey-bee Swarms

      Ron Brown

    This small pamphlet tells you all you need to know. This booklet covers all aspects of dealing with swarms. Factors contributing to their emergence, steps to minimise swarming, the various use of swarms, and various artificial techniques to create them.

    Great Masters of Beekeeping

      Ron Brown

    Ron Brown O.B.E. has been keeping bees in Britain and in Africa for forty years. Apart from Beeswax, he is the author of Beekeeping, a seasonal guide; Honey Bees - a guide to management and 1000 years of Devon Beekeeping. His last book All around the Compass is an account of his wartime experience in Coastal Command. This book was…


      Ron Brown

    This 4th edition has an updated candle making section and more on wax casting than the previous editions. In 1981 Beeswax was the first UK published book on the subject for nearly 75 years since Cowan's Waxcraft. It contains details on the history, chemical content, and the many uses of beeswax. The 20 illustrations are carefully chosen to make this…

    Sensitive Beekeeping

    Practicing Vulnerability and Nonviolence with your Backyard Beehive

      Jack Bresette-Mills

    Sensitive Beekeeping means many things: beekeeping without fear and without veil, beekeeping for the sake of the bee rather than for profit, learning to answer your own question about beekeeping. The further you go with it, the more it means. It's completely transformative: physically, mentally, spiritually. You can start beekeeping this way from the very be​ginning, and you will improve…


    Foreword by David Chubb

      Toon Brekelmans

    Skep-Making by Toon Brekelmans was originally published in Dutch by Cantecleer of Baarn. Skep-Maker David Chubb whose work can be seen regularly at the Royal Show has used the book for years in spite of not speaking the language. The basics are all here and the instructive drawings can be used by left or right-handers. A vital book for all…

    Beekeeping A Practical Guide

      Richard E. Bonney

    Whether you're a beginning beekeeper or one with a season or two of experience, Richard Bonney tells you how to keep bees, not just have them. This new book by the acclaimed author of Hive Management offers vital, up-to-date information about how to: Acquire bees, Install a colony, Manage a hive, Take a crop of honey, Prevent and treat Varroa…

    Keep Bees without Fuss or Chemicals

      Joe Bleasdale

    A detailed account of the essential operations and management that a beekeepers performs throughout the year by a retired systems engineer who has kept bees for over 30 years. ​​Joe Bleasdale is a retired systems engineer and has kept bees for over 30 years in the counties of Hampshire and Somerset. He also gardens and makes cider from his little…

    Care of Bees in Warré and Top Bar Hives

      Joe Bleasdale

    This volume is a guide for new beekeepers and for all beekeepers who have acquired the increasingly popular Warré and Top Bar Hives and anyone who wishes to stop the use of chemicals in their beekeeping. It gives practical guidance, with clear instructions, line drawings, and photographs. Joe is a retired systems engineer and has kept bees for over 30…

    In Praise of Bees

      Elizabeth Birchall

    This fascinating and comprehensive book explores the bee's place in human society from prehistoric cave paintings and inscribed clay tablets through to our contemporary world - a cabinet whose drawers are filled with nuggets of bee science and practical beekeeping, myth, religion, politics, philosophy and folklore. There is a selection of verse and a rich variety of illustrations ranging from…

    For the Love of Bees

      Lesley Bill

    An account of the life of Brother Adam of Buckfast Abbey, a world famous beekeeper, by a Devon beekeeper who travelled with Adam on some of his journeys searching for the perfect bee. The story of Brother Adam and Buckfast Abbey two names that will always be linked in the beekeepers mind. An updated edition of the 1989 volume.

    Traditional British Honey Drinks

      Francis Beswick

    Fermented honey drinks are among the oldest alcoholic brews in the world, but have now almost disappeared. This booklet contains a unique range of information drawn from the author's historical study and experimentation with difference ingredients and recipes. Traditional British Honey Drinks gives details of a wide range of honey-based alcoholic drinks, with tried-and-tested recipes for two dozen different brews.…

    Letters to a Beekeeper

      Steve Benbow

      Alys Fowler

      Fowler, A

    This is the charming story of how gardener Alys Fowler learned to keep bees, and urban beekeeper Steve Benbow learned to plant a pollinator-friendly garden. It is a rule-breaking, wildlife-friendly, honey-dripping record of the trials and joys of working with - rather than against - nature.

    An Australasian Beekeeping Bibliography

      Peter Barrett

    This work provides a significantly updated catalogue of Australian works on bees and beekeeping. Some New Zealand works are included and this volume joins the family of Walker, Lawes, IBRAs British Bee Books and Johanssen’s Apicultural Literature. Published in Canada and the United States as an important tool for all collectors.

    Virology and the Honey Bee

      Michel F. A. Aubert

    The BRAVE project (Bee Research And Virology in Europe) was selected from the call for proposals FP6-2003-SSP31 where one of the objectives was the assessment of the level of risk and the likely consequences for bees and other closely related pollinators of the introduction of bee viruses to Europe. BRAVE was aimed at knowledge transfer between experts with a broad…

    Background to Bee Breeding

      J. Atkinson

    John Atkinson draws on his long and varied experience as a beekeeping adviser, honey farmer, bee breeder and writer, to help beekeepers to understand the complexities of this most important aspect of the craft. This is a thoroughly absorbing book - an up to date treatise on the philosophy and practice of bee breeding.

    Plants and Honey Bees

      David Aston

      Sally Bucknall

    Essential reading for the serious candidate who wishes to investigate this relationship further. While mainly of interest to beekeepers; gardeners, biologists, agriculturalists & horticulturalists will find much of interest to them. Awarded an Apimondia Bronze Medal.

    Keeping Healthy Honey Bees

      David Aston

      Sally Bucknall

    This title is a significant addition to the beekeeping literature on Integrated Bee Health Management. David Aston, a past President of the BBKA and Sally Bucknall, Chair of Garden Organic have jointly written a volume that should be on every beekeepers reading list. "This book could well turn out to be the book of the decade (or 21st century, take…

    Hives and Honeybees in Signs and Symbols

      Frank Alston

    An interesting insight into the illustrative importance of bee symbols throughout the world. "It is almost with some reverence that we acknowledge the value to man over the years of the honeybee. This value cannot be over-estimated, nor can we fail to be fascinated by the community life of the honeybee. Down the years many myths and superstitions, from many…


      David V Alford

    This is a facsimile of the original, much sort of and very expensive, 1975 edition, but without any of the original plates. The originals were of very poor definition and considerably better reproduction are presently available. For example the descriptive booklet at £2.50 or the Field Guide by Edwards and Jenner and the most excellent facsimile of Sladen. Dr Alfords…

    Beeswax Alchemy

      Petra Ahnert

    Create Natural beeswax products - candles, soap, balms, salves and home decor for health and home. "This is the book I've been waiting thirty years for. Excellent instructions. Bountiful information. Beautifully done". (Kim Flottum, Editor Bee Culture Magazine).

    Mastering the Art of Beekeeping, Volume 2

      Ormond and Harry Aebi

    Mastering the Art of Beekeeping is an erudite handbook of the complex art of beekeeping. The authors have a rare ability to combine literature and beekeeping skills. People, bees and experience are woven into a delightful tale of what beekeeping is all about - Gleanings in Bee Culture. The Aebi's have an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for…

    Mastering the Art of Beekeeping, Volume 1

      Ormond and Harry Aebi

    All beekeepers, novices and old-timers alike, will profit from the Aebi's insights. It might take the average beekeeper several lifetimes to discover the natural wisdom and effective methods that these men have poured so generously into this book and the companion volume - Organic Gardening. The Aebi's have an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the most wildflower…

    Inside a Beehive

      V. Rhenius

    A small well illustrated booklet in which there are illustrations of each frame of a beehive in mid Summer. The explanations are in all the major European languages.

    Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey

      Brother Adam

    This is the definitive account of beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey. It is not a manual but a general account of the beekeeping as carried out at Buckfast. It demonstrates that every piece of equipment, every manipulation, every aspect of management was designed to achieve the best possible result, calling for a minimum of effort and time, a lesson we can…

    Queen Breeding for Amateurs

      Charles Price Abbott

    Queen Breeding for Amateurs by Abbott was first published in 1947 and revised in 1951. With the present interest in beekeeping and the need once more to breed more queens, this reprint of Abbott's second edition has been reproduced with the support of the family. It should provide a valuable addition to the literature.

    The World of a Bee Farmer

      John H. B. Rawson

    An account of the trials and tribulations of bee farming by one of its most successful practitioners. John Rawson was a bee farmer for 42 years and at various times acted as Chairman and Vice Chairman of The Bee Farmers Association of Great Britain.