Bee Hive to Beekeeper & Bee Space to Bee Hive

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Bee Hive to Beekeeper: Bees, beekeeping organisations, authors and research. The companion to Bee Space to Bee Hive, is expected mid-September. This book covers the introduction and development of bee strains to the UK, followed by details of the oldest UK beekeeping journal, a major beekeeping equipment supplier and important beekeeping organisations. Groundbreaking research into mating, parthenogenesis, bee behaviour, pheromones and swarming is followed by a description of significant books by eminent beekeepers.

Bee Space to Bee Hive: Hives, beekeeping equipment and beekeeping methods. How beekeeping has developed over the centuries – from the Leaf hive in 1789 to the Dartington Long Deep hive in the 1970s; from beeswax foundation to queen introduction cages; and from the early beginnings of movable comb beekeeping in Greece to the Bailey comb change today.

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