The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

• 42nd Edition (2020)
• Over 800 pages packed with information
• Hundreds of Color photos and illustrations
• More than 50 Contributors
• A MUST for every beekeeper large and small
• A mix of reference, the how and why things are done and a history of how beekeeping got where it is today!

In 1877 A. I. Root wrote and published the first edition of this work. It has been updated 42 times and millions of copies have been published since then. Thousands of beekeepers and honey bee scientists have contributed to the knowledge that resides within.

This edition adds to that knowledge. Dr. Shimanuki, USDA Bee Lab Research Leader has gathered beekeepers, scientists and experts in many fields to produce the latest, best most useful information possible on honey bees, beekeeping, honey, and the industry all these are a part of.

You will find no other beekeeping reference book equal to this work.

All involved on these pages wish you the journey into the fascinating world of the honey bee, and beekeeping.

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