The Good Bee

A Celebration of Bees and How to Save Them

Bees are our most loyal ally. These enigmatic creatures are a key lynchpin in the working of our planet. Without them our world would simply not function. We can all help protect them – and they desperately need protecting – but you can’t save what you don’t love. And you can’t love what you don’t know.

In The Good Bee, bee experts Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum share their own infectious fascination and awe for this most viral and mysterious of nature’s wizards. Here you’ll discover the complexities of bee behaviour – as well as the bits that still baffle us – the part they play in the natural world, their relationship with us throughout history, the threats they are facing and what we can all do about it. It is a story for our times and a book to treasure.

As heard on the BBC Today programme – June 8th. Click here to listen (Available at 1.22.29).

“An engaging and informative book about the wonderful lives of bees.”
Dave Goulson

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