Trees and Shrubs Valuable to Bees

This list of tables is a sequel to the Association’s leaflet “Save our Pollinating Insects”- We have received many enquiries as to how those with opportunities to plant trees and shrubs on public or private land can implement the plea contained in the leaflet to conserve our economically useful pollinators.

The books and articles available have proved curiously in-adequate-in assessing the value to bees of trees and shrubs that can be recommended for planting on their horticultural merit. The best source of information has been a leaflet by Miss M. F. Mountain, published in 1950 by West Sussex County Beekeeping Advisory Service and the Chichester Division of the Sussex Beekeepers’ Association. The present booklet represents a complete revision of this earlier one, with many additions; it has been compiled on the basis of fifteen further years of observation, and the published and unpublished records of the Bee Research Association.

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