Charles Dadant That Bee Man From Champagne

The intriguing story of the establishment of the greatest bee supply company in America.

The Dadant name is familiar to beekeepers throughout the world as one of the principal manufacturers of beekeeping supplies, and the publisher of The American Bee Journal, for more than 150 years.

This book tells the story of Charles Dadant, “that Bee Man from Champagne”, who at the age of 46 left France to begin a new life in America in 1863, bringing his family after him.

From hard and hungry beginnings, Charles and later his son Camille, built up a successful business selling honey, beeswax and Italian queens. Charles also developed the large Dadant hive, contributed energetically to bee journals and cooperated with Langstroth on updating the latter’s seminal Hive and the Honey Bee. There is also a facsimile of the original available here.

This life of Dadant was compiled circa 1930 by Kent Pellett, who learnt many fascinating details from Charles’s son Camille.

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