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Current Issue – 154, December 2023.
Edited by John Phipps, since 1984.
Published 4 times a year.
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The Beekeepers Quarterly is an international English language beekeeping journal published by Northern Bee Books since 1984. Edited by John Phipps this full colour A4 magazine has over 60 pages stuffed with the latest beekeeping news, views & research.

A strong team of correspondents from all over the world report regularly on beekeeping topics of local and global importance. Whilst its contents are directed mainly to beekeeping, the magazine also looks at the wider issues which have an impact on the craft especially as regards to the environment, farming, conservation and global warming.

Our contributors have specialised knowledge on particular aspects of beekeeping, drawn largely from their own experiences, and include both amateur and commercial beekeepers, scientists, and representatives of organisations that have an interest in beekeeping as a craft or industry.

Inside This Issue:

Brian Sherriff 1928-2022.

Are Bees Sentient Creatures? Norman Carreck NDB.

Thoughts on Symbionts and Honey Bees. Guy Thompson.


    And from
    Margaret Ginman

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