Urban Beekeeping

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    Urban Beekeeping

      Craig Hughes

    This 160 page volume is a Guide to Keeping Bees in the City by a contributor to Radio Lancashire. Craig deals with the beekeeping year and all the important practices of the craft.

    Keeping Bees in Towns & Cities

      Luke Dixon

    Managing a hive of calmly productive honey bees amid the bustle of a town or city may seem like an attractive prospect, but is it really possible? Luke Dixon shares his wealth of experience in this compelling account that describes how urban bees enjoy excellent health, help pollinate plants, produce rich and plentiful honey, and make for a rewarding hobby.…

    The Rooftop Beekeeper. A Scrappy Guide to Keeping Urban Honeybees

      Megan Paska

    The Rooftop Beekeeper is part essential guide to urban beekeeping, part love song to the amazing honeybee, with more than 75 photographs and illustrations. Read on, and you may soon suit up for a new favourite hobby with the benefit of new friends made with gifts of home-harvested honey.​​Includes 21 recipes for enjoying honey in baking and cooking, and formulas…

    Planting for Honeybees

      Sarah Wyndham Lewis

    Our gardens would be unrecognisable without the gentle buzz of the humble honeybee. Yet in recent years bee populations have suffered from the loss of green spaces and need our help. Planting for Honeybees is a charmingly illustrated, practical guide on how to help attract these delightful pollinators - whether you only have a city window ledge or a whole…