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    The Jefferson Beekeeping Guide

      Tony Jefferson

    All three generations of the Jefferson Family from Whitby, North Yorkshire are famed for their beekeeping knowledge and expertise. This 41 page booklet is full of advice and beekeeping knowledge that only long time experience can bring. Northern Bee Books strongly recommends this title. Tony writes in his introduction .. "
You may well gather as you thumb through this "booklet"…

    The Joy of Bees (Translated by Paul Tout)

      Paolo Fontana

    Paolo Fontana's book was first published in Italian in 2017. It has, I understand, sold several thousand copies which is quite remarkable for a specialist book on bees. I have had a career spanning academia, education and publishing. It is not surprising, therefore, that I have done a lot of reading and I love books. Indeed I still add to…

    Bees and Man

      Wm. Michael Hood

    Dr. Hood was in an enviable position that enabled him to visit many beekeepers and situations with bees. The reader is introduced to some very interesting and creative beekeepers and Dr. Hood's inter­twined explanations of the honey bee's life, along with other rela­tives such as yellowjackets, make this book useful for a broad range of readers. Prepare to be amused…

    The Good Bee

      Alison Benjamin

      Benjamin, A

      Brian McCallum

    Bees are our most loyal ally. These enigmatic creatures are a key lynchpin in the working of our planet. Without them our world would simply not function. We can all help protect them - and they desperately need protecting - but you can't save what you don't love. And you can't love what you don’t know. In The Good Bee,…

    The Poetry of Bees

      Liz Westcott

    Liz Westcott has been keeping bees since 2005 and runs about 20 colonies in Brixham, Devon. Inspired by the bees to enter the Poetry Class at various local shows, Liz found that she enjoyed writing the poems as much as keeping the bees! She is an active and enthusiastic member of the Torbay Branch of the Devon Beekeepers Association. Liz…

    Bees vs People

      Chris Slade

    This slim volume of poems is titled as it is because partly it is about people I have met as a beekeeper and partly because, when I write about bees, I do so rather anthro­pomorphically, treating them as if people. Many of the poems are about people and incidents in Ireland. Annually I attend the Federation of Irish Beekeepers' Associations'…

    The Idle Beekeeper

      Bill Anderson

    From building a hive to harvesting honey, a top urban beekeepers shows how to keep bees the simple way. Global bee populations have been rapidly declining for years, and it's not just our honey supply that's at stake: the contribution of bees to the pollination of various crops is essential to human survival. But even in industrial apiaries, bees are…

    A Nomad Amongst the Bees

      Julian Johnston

    Julian Johnston started beekeeping when he was six years old and continued it in his various travels around the world with the Army and in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This is an account of a life spent with bees, both during the authors Army carrier and later in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before becoming for nine years the…

    The Best of Bee Talk

      Richard Taylor

    Taken from over 200 columns Richard Taylor submitted to Bee Culture Magazine over 20 years of writing. The information, the emotion and the grace of each work is exactly as it was originally published.

    Steve Taber on Beekeeping - BKQ Volume 2

      Steve Taber

    This collection of articles from The Beekeepers Quarterly, over a period of ten years, gather together the words of wisdom by a Great American Beekeeper. There is much that can be learnt from this reading this slim volume that will improve all beekeeping practice..Researcher, commercial beekeeper and finally bee geneticists - with experience in both America and Europe it was…

    Sixty Years with Smoker and Veil

      Robert N. H. Skilling

    The distillation of the life times beekeeping experience by the longest serving editor of The Scottish beekeeper. This gem of a book is packed full of valuable tips guaranteed to improve every beekeeper's honey crop.

    Beekeeping Tips and Topics

      Elbert R. Jaycox

    This is a collection of articles written by Elbert Jaycox for the newsletter Bees & Honey during 1975 - 1981 when he was the beekeeping specialist at the University of Illinois. As you would expect from such an expert it is packed with pearls of wisdom - based on his lifetime experiences or gathered from a wide reading of the…

    Home and Away. Adventures in Beekeeping in the UK and Africa

      John Holm

    During well over fifty years of beekeeping experience, John Home has twice served as Chairman of the UK Bee Farmers Association - one of only two members ever to be invited to serve a second term - and is also a former Chairman of the Warwickshire Beekeepers Association and it's local Warwick and Leamington branch.​​In Home and Away he looks…

    Bee Quest

      Dave Goulson

    A hunt for the most elusive bees leads Dave Goulson from Salisbury Plain to Sussex hedgerows, from Poland to Patagonia. Whether he is tracking great yellow bumblebees in the Hebrides or chasing orchid bees through the Ecuadorian jungle. Dave Goulson’s wit, humour and deep love of nature makes him the ideal travelling companion. This utterly charming book will inspire you…

    Artist and Beekeeper

      Jack Fieldhouse

    A life history together with a collection of drawings and poems by a 93 year old Somerset Artist which ranges from snapshots of beekeeping life to the very best of the Glastonbury Festival as well as drawings of life in Scotland. This book - while not helping you to a larger honey harvest will give you many happy and enjoyable…

    Honey Days

      Oliver Field

    A sparkling account of commercial beekeeper's year in all its changing moods. This is a book to saviour and to learn from and compliments this author's previous best selling title "Honey by the ton."

    The Healing Bee

      Roch Domerego

    It has always been a well-known fact that products from the beehive are good for human health. However, recent scientific research has proved that various substances produced by honeybees, as well as innumerable possible combinations with plant material, possess real medical properties. Ten years after its first publication, this book has become a work of reference in its field. Translated…

    I Love My Bees

      Fiona Van Dokkum

    A delightful account of the trials and tribulations of a new beekeeper in South West Ireland. Written with passion and enthusiasm, this ranks A delightful account of the trials and tribulations of a new beekeeper in South West Ireland. Ranks with Richard Taylor and Harold Lund in accounts of ‘bee fever’.

    From A to Bee

      James Dearsley

    This account by James Dearsley (who calls himself The Surrey Beekeeper) is a charming, amusing and informative diary (to non beekeepers) of a novice beekeeper - who also happens to be a novice dad as well. He has so much to learn.

    Top-Bar Beekeeping

      Les Crowder

      Heather Harrell

    'This is an excellent guide for hobby beekeepers who wish to keep bees using top-bar hives. Drawing on his more than thirty years of beekeeping experience in New Mexico, author Les Crowder describes in detail the special comb-management techniques that this low-cost, but relatively intense, form of beekeeping requires. Top- Bar Beekeeping also provides an eloquent appeal for beekeepers to…

    Fly with the Beeman

      Robert Couston

    This is not a text book on Practical Beekeeping but a critical yet light-hearted observation on some off beat activities of honey-bees and beekeepers through the eyes of a professional beekeeping adviser.

    Beekeeping Between Two Queens. Nottinghamshire 1901-1952

      John Stuart Ching

    Following on from the work "Beekeeping in Victorian Nottinghamshire" which covered the reign of Queen Victoria from her accession in 1837 until her death in 1901, this work covers the half-century from then to the death in 1952 of King George VI. (During the period of this work Britain was ruled by ruled by three kings plus one who relinquished…

    Ron Brown on Beekeeping - BKQ Volume 1

      Ron Brown

    This the first of a series of booklets which gather together the contributions by leading beekeepers to The Beekeepers Quarterly. Ron Brown OBE, B.Sc was a most practical beekeeper with experience in both in Africa and the UK. These articles cover all aspects of the craft and serve as a fine memorial to a great beekeeper as well as passing…

    In Praise of Bees

      Elizabeth Birchall

    This fascinating and comprehensive book explores the bee's place in human society from prehistoric cave paintings and inscribed clay tablets through to our contemporary world - a cabinet whose drawers are filled with nuggets of bee science and practical beekeeping, myth, religion, politics, philosophy and folklore. There is a selection of verse and a rich variety of illustrations ranging from…

    For the Love of Bees

      Lesley Bill

    An account of the life of Brother Adam of Buckfast Abbey, a world famous beekeeper, by a Devon beekeeper who travelled with Adam on some of his journeys searching for the perfect bee. The story of Brother Adam and Buckfast Abbey two names that will always be linked in the beekeepers mind. An updated edition of the 1989 volume.

    Letters to a Beekeeper

      Steve Benbow

      Alys Fowler

      Fowler, A

    This is the charming story of how gardener Alys Fowler learned to keep bees, and urban beekeeper Steve Benbow learned to plant a pollinator-friendly garden. It is a rule-breaking, wildlife-friendly, honey-dripping record of the trials and joys of working with - rather than against - nature.

    Mastering the Art of Beekeeping, Volume 2

      Ormond and Harry Aebi

    Mastering the Art of Beekeeping is an erudite handbook of the complex art of beekeeping. The authors have a rare ability to combine literature and beekeeping skills. People, bees and experience are woven into a delightful tale of what beekeeping is all about - Gleanings in Bee Culture. The Aebi's have an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for…

    Mastering the Art of Beekeeping, Volume 1

      Ormond and Harry Aebi

    All beekeepers, novices and old-timers alike, will profit from the Aebi's insights. It might take the average beekeeper several lifetimes to discover the natural wisdom and effective methods that these men have poured so generously into this book and the companion volume - Organic Gardening. The Aebi's have an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the most wildflower…

    Buckets of Honey from Boxes of Bees

      Ken Pickles

    Ken Pickles , the Wharfedale Beekeeper has written a wide ranging text reviewing his beekeeping philosophy and the underlying reasons for their success. Certainly a must for any Yorkshireman. It recalls Summer evening sitting by his hives, the lure of the craft and all that it is associated with.

    Nudge Nudge, Hint Hint

      John D. Yates

    John Yates wrote a series of monthly articles for the Plymouth Branch of the Devon Beekeepers' Association during the period August 1989 - October 1992. These were published as a most successful book later in 1992. The volume is full of wise advice and beekeeping insight which while written for the micro-climate around Plymouth can be applied anywhere in Great…

    A Bee in my Bonnet

      Louise Westwood

    After a distinguished academic career, Dr Westwood retired as lecturer at the University of Sussex and became a beekeeper. This insightful and amusing account of bee-fever will strike a cord with all beekeepers. It is full of colour photographs not only about beekeeping but also of honey bees and other pollinators on flowers with a discussion regarding the choices bees…

    Manuka, The Biography of an Extraordinary Honey

      Cliff Van Eaton

    Not so long ago, in a small island nation in the South Pacific, beekeepers produced a most peculiar honey. It was much darker than clover honey everyone put on their toast in the morning, and it tasted very different. In fact the honey was a problem: it was hard to get out of the combs, and even harder for beekeepers…

    The Bad Beekeepers Club

      Bill Turnbull

    So begins Bill Turnbull's charming account of how he stumbled into the mysterious world of beekeeping (sometimes literally). Despite many setbacks - including being stung in the head (twice) on his first day of training - beekeeping somehow taught Bill a great deal about himself and the world around him. At the same time, his story highlights the very real…

    Honey from the Earth

      Eric Tourneret

      Sylla De Saint Pierre

    The internationally acclaimed honeybee photographer Eric Tourneret spent fifteen years traveling the world to capture the awe-​instilling diversity of bees and beekeeping traditions on six continents. His fascination with the bees and the richness of human culture led to the creation of the most stunning collection of bee photography ever produced, complemented by the writing of his spouse Sylla de…

    Mead and Honey Wines

      Michael Badger

    This is a comprehensive guide to the many aspects of meads and honey wines available for the mead vintner, written by a leading authority on the topic. The author describes every aspect of the process from the varieties of honeys, their characteristics and qualities for the production of a superior wine; the yeasts types available; to the various methods of…

    Honey Farming

      R.O.B. Manley

    'Honey farming is a grand job for those who love bees and are interested in producing something from the land; who are hard workers and able to enjoy country life in all weathers. I have been at it for a long while, and my one regret is that I did not start with bee farming when I was twenty instead…