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    Honey Wines and Beers

    With short historical notes on these ancient beverages

      Clara Furness

    It was in the days, about fifteen years ago, when amateur wine making was at it's height, that Clara Furness penned these pages. A long series of articles appeared in the British Bee Journal, and many Beekeepers' and Winemakers' Associations in the South will remember her demonstrations and talks.​​A handbook which encourages all beekeepers to see mead making as a…

    Traditional British Honey Drinks

      Francis Beswick

    Fermented honey drinks are among the oldest alcoholic brews in the world, but have now almost disappeared. This booklet contains a unique range of information drawn from the author's historical study and experimentation with difference ingredients and recipes. Traditional British Honey Drinks gives details of a wide range of honey-based alcoholic drinks, with tried-and-tested recipes for two dozen different brews.…

    Mead and Honey Wines

    A Comprehensive Guide

      Michael Badger

    This is a comprehensive guide to the many aspects of meads and honey wines available for the mead vintner, written by a leading authority on the topic. The author describes every aspect of the process from the varieties of honeys, their characteristics and qualities for the production of a superior wine; the yeasts types available; to the various methods of…

    Mead. Making, Exhibiting & Judging

      Harry R.C. Riches

    A really good overview of mead making for all who wish to turn the golden nectar into drink. Harry Riches, a Past President of The British Beekeepers Association, has won numerous prices for his mead and until recently when he moved to North Devon has been in great demand as a judge throughout the South of England.