John E. Dews

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    A Local History of Varroa and Breeding Tolerant Black Bees

      John E. Dews

    Foreword by Sheila Rawson There can be no doubt in any beekeeper's mind of the complete commitment of John Dews to the conservation of Apis mellifera mellifera. He has devoted over 60 years to beekeeping and there can be little he does not know about bees through his assiduous observations of bee behaviour, bee breeding and his research into varroa…

    Breeding Better Bees

    Using Simple Modern Methods

      John E. Dews

      Eric Milner

    The rationale behind a bee breeding programme for improvement of honeybee colonies is given together with a detailed description of simplified morphometric techniques which can be used to identify honeybee races or sub species. These techniques also indicate whether the breeder queen bee will breed true.