A World of Bees

A record of the diversity of honey-gathering methods around the world

A quite outstanding world wide photographic record of bees and beekeepers.

Internationally recognised bee photographer Éric Tourneret began his great global photographic exploration of beekeeping traditions in the early 2000s. His photographs, taken over ten years in 20 countries on the five continents, record the diversity of honey-gathering methods around the world, from the archaic and physically strenuous to modern commercial and industrial apiculture.

He shows us the the Irulas of southern India who brave steep cliffs to harvest honey, the nomadic pastoralists of Ethiopia, and the honey industrialists who transport their hives by the truckloads for purposes of transhumance. He has investigated the relation between humans and bees in locations from Paris to the Australian bush, and in Nepal, Cameroon, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, the USA and Romania.

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