An Illustrated Glossary of Honey Bee and Beekeeping Terminology

An Illustrated Glossary of Honey Bee and Beekeeping Terminology is an invaluable reference book for all beekeepers. As with any activity there is always a significant amount of terminology and jargon to get to grips with and this glossary brings together the terminology a beekeeper needs.

In addition, more advanced aspects of beekeeping such as the anatomy and biology of the honey bee as well as pests, diseases and treatments, the development and behaviour of honey bees, honey and honey production are addressed.

With more than 800 definitions, this pocket sized book is a useful reference for all beekeepers. In particular, anyone studying for the British Beekeeping Association’s module exams will find this book invaluable. More than 200 drawings and photographs have been used throughout the book to illustrate the descriptions.

Sue Remenyi has been keeping bees for 10 years. As with any new pursuit she realised there was a lot of vocabulary to become acquainted with in order to understand the honey bee and the art ofbeekeeping. Already a well-published author in the field of information technology, Sue decided to produce a collection of the more important terms needed to understand the honey bee and beekeeping.

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