Beekeeping Simplified with The Drayton Hive

Including Plans for Home Construction

The Drayton Hive is a hybrid of several established hive designs, combining some of their different strengths and avoiding some of the problems inherent in their use.

It does not involve heavy lifting or the use of mechanical extractors for honey production; all-round, all-year insulation is built in, and it requires no extra space for winter storage. 

In the hive’s development, a simple system of management evolved, enabling bees to thrive as pollinators and honey-gatherers unstressed by disruptive inspections and other interventions. As a consequence, they tend to be docile in their behaviour, making the Drayton particularly suitable for amateurs to use as a garden hive.

This book presents a relaxed approach to beekeeping and hive management which is both productive and enjoyable. Plans are included for those interested in building their own Drayton Hive.

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