Bees and Man

Short stories of beekeepers and beekeeping events

Dr. Hood was in an enviable position that enabled him to visit many beekeepers and situations with bees. The reader is introduced to some very interesting and creative beekeepers and Dr. Hood’s inter¬≠twined explanations of the honey bee’s life, along with other rela¬≠tives such as yellowjackets, make this book useful for a broad range of readers. Prepare to be amused and educated as you read through the short stories of beekeepers and beekeeping events that made Dr. Hood’s career with bees a pleasure and sometimes a challenge.

“Mike has captured the unique, the scary, the funny and the human side of the extraordinary relationship between bees and people.”
Kim Flottum, Bee Culture Magazine

“Bees and Man is a delightful read that appeals to why we keep honey bees. As a beekeeper myself, I find Dr. Hood’s short stories recognisable, as if they happened to me, with only the locations and names of the beekeepers changed. Dr. Hood personalises the interaction between bees and man, providing anecdotes that are whimsically familiar. This is a testament to the joy and experiences beekeepers around the world share. Dr. Hood reminds the reader that beekeepers are just as interesting as the bees they keep and that the craft of beekeeping is more fulfilling than one can imagine.”
Jamie Ellis, Gahan Endowed Associate Professor of Entomology, University of Florida

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