Sensitive Beekeeping

Practicing Vulnerability and Nonviolence with your Backyard Beehive

Sensitive Beekeeping means many things: beekeeping without fear and without veil, beekeeping for the sake of the bee rather than for profit, learning to answer your own question about beekeeping. The further you go with it, the more it means. It’s completely transformative: physically, mentally, spiritually. You can start beekeeping this way from the very be‚Äčginning, and you will improve over the years. Looking back, you will be amazed at how insensitive you were at first, how dull to what the bees were saying to you. But awareness takes time, practice, patience. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the detail of what a beekeeper needs to know to manage bees successfully but, truly, anyone with a yard can have bees.

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