Bumblebee Keeper

A personal story of pollinator management

Forget what you know of (honeybee) beekeeping: this is a different game. In this unique and detailed text Nelson Pomeroy lays it bare.

In a candid account of his career as a student, scientist, businessman and teacher, he details most aspects of working with bumblebees: outdoor nesting sites, laboratory observation hives, crop pollination and commercial-scale rearing. His innovations range from specialist concrete to electric heating systems, mass-producible colony starting containers and bumblebee feeding systems.

Bumblebee colonies are small, with a peak of up to a few hundred bees. He grapples with this from various angles—from measuring colony productivity and foraging strength to estimating pollination stocking rates.

Bumblebee Keeper blends a personal narrative with practical information. It will interest readers from pollination management through bee biologists to those with an interest in agro-technologies. It concludes with a selection of bumblebee conservation issues, and challenges decision-makers on the best approach to sustainability of pollination for food security.

Listen to an interview with the author on Radio NZ here

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