The Complete Guide to Beekeeping

In collaboration with Sheila Berrett

A comprehensive guide to bees and beekeeping, starting with the novice and ending with the semi-expert! It tells you all you need to know about taking up beekeeping on a small scale.

Starting Beekeeping

When and where; hives and beekeeping equipment; buying secondhand; understanding honeybees.

Siting Your Bees

Selecting a site; hiving your bees; feeding your bees; looking through the hive; avoiding bee stings.

A Thriving Colony

Adding supers; using a queen excluder; how bees forage; the honey flow; taking off honey.

Wintering Down

Preparing and feeding the hive for winter; mice, damp. wax moth and other enemies.

The Second Year

Spring cleaning; getting a second hive; oil seed rape; the June gap’; problems with a poor harvest.

Planning Ahead

Keeping the queen in charge; requeening; making a nuc.


Why bees swarm; swarms in action; catching and hiving a swarm; drone laying queens and other problems.

The Third Year And Beyond

Three years’ beekeeping summary; commercial beekeeping; migratory hives.

Honeybee Products

Honey for sale; honey for show; honey recipes; making mead; wax extracting; beeswax polish and candles; propolis and medicinal properties.

Honeybee Problems

‘Killer bees; bee pests and diseases.

Bees in History

Beekeeping from BC to the present century.


Glossary of beekeeping terms and information packed appendices.

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