Honey Bee Vet

The adventures of a veterinarian seeking to doctor one of the world's most important animals

Honey bees are one of the most important agricultural animals on Earth. These tiny creatures often fly around unnoticed, doing work they have mastered to provide not only for themselves, but for the plants, animals, and humans that make up our shared home. Given the complex and increasing health challenges that honey bees face, the importance of collaborating together to develop fresh perspectives to nurture our bees cannot be understated. But do honey bees have doctors?

This book compiles stories from one veterinarian’s recent journey into the world of apiculture. Looking through the eyes of a doctor, Dr. Farone shares what she has discovered by studying and caring for these fuzzy little animals which have such an important impact on all our lives. Chapters or “frames” cover a wide range of topics in beekeeping, bee biology, and bee medicine. From realistic and fun advice on handling swarms, to a simple yet scientific approach to hive inspections, beekeepers, veterinarians, and anyone who loves honey bees will find the text entertaining, educational, practical, and even inspirational. References and resources are also provided for more learning direction according to the readers’ desire.

So come along on for the ride and shadow a veterinarian as she examines a “new” kind of patient, the honey bee.

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