Form and Function in the Honey Bee

Lovely book for serious students of honey bee biology. It has wonderful illustrations and is packed with information. If you are an entomology student or studying for BBKA exams then it is a worthwhile read and is considered a standard text.

“The book focuses on detailed descriptions of bee body parts and how they work, but the title is woefully inadequate to describe the magnificent photographs, drawings, and paintings that adorn this book’s pages. I might have titled the book ‘Elegance, Beauty, and Reverence’, because this is an astoundingly beautiful and evocative work of art as much as a scientific discourse about bee anatomy. Goodman’s ambitious dream was to write a book about bee anatomy that would be accessible to beekeepers, inexpensive, and comprehensive. She has left us with a sumptuous visual legacy that weaves the microscopic photographs of Keith Pell with the opulent paintings and labeled diagrams of Michael F. Roberts to make bee form and function easily approachable and deeply moving for any reader.”
Mark Winston, Professor of Biological Sciences, Simon Eraser University, Canada

“It is a gorgeous and important book. Gorgeous in its superb use of line drawings, SEM’s, and original artwork. Important in that it updates the classic books on honey bee sensory physiology by Karl von Frisch. Rarely does one see such a beautifully crafted book. Lesley Goodman has given all of us interested in the behavior and physiology of honey bees an amazing gift.”
Thomas D Seeley, Professor of Biology, Cornell University, USA

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