Hand Pollination in China

The shadow of the future

Not the normal beekeeping volume, tells little about bees BUT highlights the dangers of losing them.

This high quality photographic volume by an ethnographic researcher tells a visual story of the possible dangers facing us all on this planet.

Will be of interest, not only to beekeepers, but all with concerns on pesticide usage and global warming.

“Hand pollination in China, Sichuan province, is a very complex issue; it is an ecological, an economical issue and somewhat political one as well.

It is a predicament in which we need to allow ourselves to dive into a conversation to understand the grey areas.

The ecological side of the issue is that global climate change is affecting ecosystems, habitat loss and homogenisation along with the continuous use of pesticides, will continue to drive the natural pollinators away from the area.

The economical side to this is that large-scale commercial hand pollination is not a sustainable practice due to increasing labour costs. Furthermore, we need to understand the problem of the relocation of the youth from the countryside to the cities.

In order to rebalance ecology with economy, we need to consider these factors to enable us to move toward a more sustainable solution that would help to restore the habitat and the population of the natural pollinators.

It’s important for the audience (beekeepers and non beekeepers alike) to understand the complexity of these issues. They are hand pollinating because there is no other option, as the bees and other natural pollinators are disappeared from the area due to the wide usage of pesticides. ” Mariann Fercsik, Author.

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