Honey Bee Nutrition and Feeding

In the Temperate / Continental Climate of The Northern Hemisphere

This book provides a general description of honey bee nutrition in temperate / continental climate of the northern hemisphere. The text is based on a substan­tial body of contemporary research taken from the subject literature (over 1350 references) and the author’s own experience gathered over 40 years of working with bees.

This (over 400 pages) book came about after 40 years of scientific and profes­sional work by the author in his own apiaries. The work presents most important aspects of honey bee nutrition such as: • Malnutrition • Poisoning • Diseases • Supplementary Feeding etc. All in light of the basics of • General Chemistry and Biochemistry • Anatomy • Physiology • Immunology, Toxicology and especially • Gut Microbiota.

Some of key facts are presented in text boxes to speed up adoption of scientifically proven facts and implementation of the conclusions into practice. Illustrations contains 102 figures (90 original photos and authors draw­ings), 33 tables. There is also list of 1356 cited references.

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