Honey for Health

A complete and comprehensive guide to one of nature’s greatest health-giving foods

• Honey–the purest and most natural food in the world.
• Honey–a remarkable source of fitness and energy.
• Honey–renowned for its healing powers for millions of years.
• Honey–a marvellous health food and beauty treatment.

Prehistoric man plundered the wild bees for this valuable food. The ancient world revered it as ‘food of the gods’. Honey from the tombs of the Pharaohs has been found in perfect condition after thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks believed that it would prolong life, and in the Middle East it has been credited with magical and aphrodisiac powers.

Its uses in medicine and surgery have led to almost miraculous cures. Medieval man proved its healing properties; it has cured smallpox and healed wounds.

Now in the twentieth century we are rediscovering the wonder of honey, and the fascination of the world of bees.

Cecil Tonsley was a beekeeper, a leading authority on honey and honey products, and well-known in beekeeping circles all over the world. He has written the full story of this wonderful, extraordinary substance which will never lose its fascination.

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