How the Honey Bee Worker Does What She Does

Your Guide to One of the Most Amazing Species on the Planet Today!

Established along with European settlers, honey bees are an essential part of the American landscape. Yet, how do we define a honey bee? And how does the honey bee accomplish the many tasks that aid not only the survival of the colony but our own as well? In Honey-Maker, we discover:

• How honey bees set up house, manage a vegetarian lifestyle, and make a beeline
• What honey bees do to warm and cool the beehive
• How honey bees make beeswax, honey, and bee bread
• Why honey bees are in our gardens and how they tell other bees the way to get there
• How the honey bee is related to other insects-and to us

“The honeybee is one of the great wonders of the world, a wild creature that works by our side; when you read this fine account you’ll understand her world and her wonder much better!” – Bill McKibben, Author, Oil and Honey

“Fantastic book-far beyond my expectations! Well researched, accurate, and written with heart.” – Randy Oliver, Biologist, www.ScientificBeekeeping.com

“I didn’t think there was another way to write a book about bees …. This one should be on your shelf.” – Kim Flottum, Editor, Bee Culture Magazine

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