The Price of Gold. Poems about the Honey Bee

A collection of poems celebrating honey bees, with their ‘little gestures and humble habits, which seem so far away and yet are so nearly akin to our grand passions and arrogant destinies’ (Maeterlinck). The current crisis of health in the bee population makes this an important time to recognise and value that connection.

“Who more appropriate than women poets of today, with their quiet eye for detail, order, industry, living-spaces, to explore that parallel world of skeps and keepers, queens and workers, lore, science, craft and myth, all the way from Ljubljana to Aberdeen, down the centuries from the middle ages to our own, in a rich honeycomb of bee-poems.”
Anne-Marie Fyfe

“If you’re wanting to buy a present for a friend, try this. The collection is successfully carried by the enthusiasm and fine observation of the writers, and by Cathy Benson’s delicate drawings. A satisfying anthology to browse in.”
Meg Peacocke

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